The Business Value Growth Solution

An automated solution designed to help both your consultancy and your customers accelerate value growth

Consultancy Challenges

  • Landing new customers
  • Consultant acquisition and turnover
  • Customer follow-on business
  • Value-to-cost ratio
  • Technology disruption

Our Approach

We will partner with you to offer a Business Value Growth (BVG) solution to your customers, enabling you to increase revenue and profitability for your customers and your consultants.

This outcome-based solution is designed to accelerate the rate of growth for your customer through an ongoing engagement with a recurring revenue model for you.

Fusing your Consulting Capability, eLearning, and our Pivotal Innovatorâ„¢ platform will bring your customer unparalleled value growth performance.

Benefits of the Business Value Growth Solution

For You

For Your Customers

Increase your revenue and profitability

Higher win rates with a repeatable and scalable offering

Technology enabled recurring revenue model

Faster market expansion into new segments including down-market

Increased consultant capacity and value of consulting services

Service expansion within the client and lock-in

Accelerate their business value growth

Rapidly transform to a connected growth culture

Strategically align, engage, and empower the organization

Increase the value, quality, and speed of strategy deployment

Automate transformation processes with a common technology platform

Shift from an operating to a transforming organization

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The Pivotal Innovatorâ„¢ Platform

  • A software-as-a-service online platform delivered in the cloud
  • Integrates and automates Strategy, Execution, and Innovation processes
  • A unified and transparent environment to accelerate business value growth
  • Customizable to integrate your methodology and practices